Unexploded ordnance clearance and underwater operations

We look for, find and recover explosive ordnance on land and in water. As a diving company, we also perform all types of underwater work. We offer a comprehensive national and pan-European service. Our diving services encompass operations in all waters, both inshore and offshore.

Our wide range of professional services enable us to offer our customers a complete solution tailored to their requirements.

We advance where others fear to tread!
We are specialised in explosive ordnance clearance
and all kinds of underwater work!

BITEK has been operating as a diving company and in the explosive ordnance clearance sector for more than 20 years now. This track record is testimony to our reliability and integrity. Read more about our success story

Due to the highly hazardous nature of explosive ordnance clearance and diving work, our safety standards are at a very high level (second to none.)

Professionalism, quality and safety are the hallmarks of our business, so our customers know they can rely (count) on BITEK.

Our certified quality and safety management system ensures that we consistently deliver the highest operational standards at all times.
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