Unexploded ordnance clearance – water

All work is carried out in accordance with the latest technological standards and in compliance with the relevant legal requirements.

Our services include:

  • UXO preliminary investigations for the purpose of risk assessment
  • Drawing up of detailed procedures for explosive ordnance clearance
  • IT and D-GPS-assisted sea/river bed investigation
  • Detection, uncovering, identification and recovery of unexploded ordnance under water by divers
  • Excavation monitoring of dredging work during construction
  • Subsurface/ borehole surveys under water in the vicinity of pile foundations, sheet piling, dolphins and suspected bomb sites, etc.
  • Bomb clearance with shoring by divers
  • Clearance of chemical munitions
  • Mechanical separation above water and special separation technology for deployment under water
  • Deployment of decontamination systems above water
  • Deployment of large-scale equipment, such as hydraulic crawler excavators
  • Deployment of diving and recovery vessels
  • Deployment of current flow protection technology
  • Deployment of flushing and suction technology
  • Deployment of ROV

Our services are performed solely by fully qualified personnel, such as:

  • Professional divers who meet the requirements of BGV C23 (German Regulations for the Prevention of Accidents for Diving) and are certified according to § 20 of the German Explosives Act (SprengG)
  • Disposal squad leaders and EOD personal (pyrotechnicians) certified to § 20 of the German Explosives Act (SprengG)
  • Fully qualified signalmen certified to BGV C23,
  • Fully qualified shipmasters and seamen,
  • Fully qualified machine operators
  • IT and surveying technicians
  • Fully qualified ROV pilots,
  • Personnel with the requisite additional qualifications for offshore operations

All personnel have the requisite qualifications, are trained first-aiders and receive regular training and health checks.

All work is carried out in accordance with the latest technical standards. The technology is adapted and tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers.
Due to the highly hazardous nature of underwater explosive ordnance clearance by divers, our safety standards are second to none. Professionalism, quality and safety are the hallmarks of our business, so our customers know they can count on BITEK. Our quality and safety management system ensures that we consistently deliver the highest operational standards at all times.