Explosive ordnance clearance on construction sites

Explosive ordnance clearance on construction sites is performed by carrying out a geophysical survey of the terrain using active and/or passive sensors. After surveying, delineated areas are released layer by layer by the responsible operative in accordance with § 19 Cl. 1 No. 3 of the German Explosives Act, after which the soil may be excavated down to the approved depth. It is essential to ensure close monitoring during the excavation work.

This process is repeated until the full depth is reached. To ensure that the base of the excavation pit and the embankments/walls are completely free from explosive ordnance, this whole area must be systematically examined using active and/or passive sensors, depending on the suspected ordnance, and any ordnance detected must be removed in the appropriate manner.

All procedures must comply with the provisions of the BGI 833 safety guidelines.