Success Story

BITEK Bergungsdienst GmbH

1992 – Master diver Brian Coll established BITEK Bergungsdienst GmbH as a diving company in Bremen, Germany.

In the late ’90s BITEK opened a branch in Brandenburg.

2001 – BITEK implemented its quality management system, and has been successfully operating according to its standards ever since.

2003 – BITEK relocated its headquarters from Bremen to nearby Syke, moving into a new administrative building with a larger workshop and warehouse. It also expanded its workforce, taking on additional personnel for equipment servicing and maintenance and for project management.

2007 – BITEK developed and successfully deployed an innovative current (flow) protection system. Made of aluminium, this “diver protection cylinder ( tube)” is designed for recovering explosive ordnance in flowing waters.

2009 – BITEK implemented a management system for safety, health and environmental protection (SGU) as defined in the SCC standard. In 2010 BITEK was certified to SCC, which was superseded by the OHSAS standard in 2012.

2009 – BITEK developed and successfully deployed an underwater separation system.

2011 – Dirk Wache was appointed joint Managing Director of BITEK Bergungsdienst GmbH.

2012 – BITEK developed and patented a new clearance procedure with a spider platform for recovering explosive ordnance in nearshore locations. Used in combination with the spider platform, this innovative procedure enables clearance operations to go ahead virtually independent of weather, swell and current conditions, thus considerably increasing productivity.

2014 became active in the ordnance recovery in the offshore sector, the company BITEK. For this, the management has made investments in the necessary technology and the necessary staffing requirements in advance. With the project “UXO-Clearance on the submarine cable route DolWin3 Lot 1”, which was realized in cooperation with the firm SeaTerra GmbH as a principal, the company was able to achieve BITEK their first successes. The cooperation with the company SeaTerra GmbH in such difficult projects showed that the distribution of the core skills and know-how of each partner involved is a meaningful and effective solution for the customer. With the follow-up project “UCO-Clearance on the submarine cable route Nordergründe” BITEK will act as a prime contractor such cooperation and again.

Through the

  • aforementioned system rollouts,
  • ongoing investment and
  • development of new technologies

enable us to offer our clients outstanding quality, the highest safety standards, and excellent value for money.

A winning combination.

The business activities of BITEK Bergungsdienst GmbH are governed by the following basic principles: